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ECS, your partner in conventional and nuclear safety


ECS was founded in 1990 out of a need for expertise in the field of radiation protection. Not only do we offer advice and guidance, but we also perform control measurements and other tasks on all Belgian nuclear sites and, increasingly, on international ones. Our ambition? To assist major companies in our role as a preferred safety partner in the nuclear sector and beyond. We do this by providing consultancy, training, and on-site support for your HSEQ Department. We head up and coordinate our activities from our headquarters in Schoten and our branch offices in Dessel and Villers-le-Bouillet.

Our expertise, your advantage

Thanks to many years of practical experience, nuclear and conventional safety no longer hold any secrets for us. And, in turn, we are happy to make this expertise available to our customers. We pass this knowledge along to you in our own training and examination centres, which we established in 2004. Today, they are certified examination centres for VCA/SCC training and the majority of the VCA/SCC High-Risk Tasks. Our team includes fifteen professional instructors, all of whom are permanent staff members, who provide a wide range of training programmes.


Experts in safety

In 2015, ECS launched a third activity: Safety support, support for Prevention Advisers and Safety Coordinators. Not only do we provide advice, we also bring in competent safety professionals on a project-by-project basis. To achieve our goals, we can, in fact, count on a team of some 80 professionals. Approximately one quarter of our team members are trained in prevention, and each and every one of them has practical experience in a wide variety of domains.

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