Tecnubel - Transnubel - ECS

An integrated group of innovative service providers within the nuclear industry.

From maintenance firm to high-tech service provider in the nuclear sector specialising in decommissioning and decontamination. Tecnubel has been undergoing this evolution since its founding in 1985. Throughout this span of time, the company has become active in three other, important areas.

The first expansion came with the establishment of ECS in 1990. ECS initially focused on radiation protection and independent inspections of the work carried out on nuclear sites. They added a second domain in 2004: training. Indeed, the demand for a centre of expertise in terms of conventional and nuclear safety within the nuclear sector was quite high. The third and last expansion concerned logistics activities with the full acquisition of Transnubel in 2014.

And thus Tecnubel - Transnubel - ECS was created through the establishment of ECS and the acquisition of Transnubel. This nuclear group offers synergetic, integrated solutions. Over 500 motivated employees give their best every day in terms of decommissioning, waste management, logistics, transport, training, and radiation protection. The following competences, among others, are covered in these domains: project management, consultancy, engineering, studies, calculations, constructions, and effective execution. Together, they form Tecnubel - Transnubel - ECS, a leading partner in the nuclear sector.



Over the years, Tecnubel has developed into a specialist in different decontamination methods. The experience we have gained through a wide range of projects and situations enables us to always select and use the best method in a safe and responsible manner.


Decommissioning, either during operation or after shutdown, has been one of Tecnubel’s core activities for many years. We have developed significant expertise in a range of decommissioning methods and remote handling.
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Transnubel can supply a wide range of packaging solutions for transporting radioactive material. We also have the know-how to design our own packaging units and provide operational support.


Transnubel has more than forty years of experience transporting radioactive and hazardous goods such as radioactive waste, radioactive sources, and irradiated and non-irradiated nuclear fuel. We offer our services in Belgium, but we also have an extensive international client base. We are active on a global scale in road haulage, rail, airfreight, and transport by water, on-site as well as off-site.


Preparing contents, loading and unloading packaging, transport services, and other logistics activities often require specific equipment and tools to work efficiently and safely. Transnubel has the expertise to develop such custom tools and to use them in whatever way necessary to get the task done.

Operational services

Transnubel offers a variety of related operational support activities for nuclear installations, including loading and unloading, maintenance and repair of packaging, etc. Transnubel has also built up significant experience in the field of loading and unloading fissionable material.


Transnubel’s logistics services combine all the different activities seamlessly into a structured and efficient process – from the place of departure to the destination. This allows our customers to focus on their own core activities.
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Training Academy

Since 2004, ECS has had its own training and examination centre for both traditional and nuclear safety. Fifteen permanent instructors and a team of experienced, professional freelancers teach the training courses. Participants may take the training courses in either open or closed sessions.

Safety Support

Are you looking for on-site support for your safety departments? ECS provides various specialists that can support you in safely achieving your goals.

Radiation protection and characterisation

The detection of ionising radiation is of essential importance to the culture of nuclear safety. Not only for the protection of employees and the environment, but also for determining the correct decontamination or decommissioning techniques and for correctly and safely managing waste.
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Our shareholders

Through Tecnubel, 50% of Tecnubel - Transnubel - ECS is owned by the ENGIE Group (ENGIE Cofely) and Belgonucleaire owns the remaining 50%. What’s the benefit of this shareholder structure? Tecnubel, Transnubel, and ECS are part of a strong network and are given access to valuable knowledge and experience. Assets from which they reap the benefits daily.