Our offer

Safety Support

Are you looking for safety supervisors, prevention advisors or project-based safety coordinators?

Since 2015, ECS has offered a specialised Safety Support service. This service is based on our specific expertise and on a combination of our various activities. ECS employs several team members who are trained in HSEQ. In addition, many of our employees are qualified Prevention Advisers or Safety Coordinators. They are more than happy to assist you on a project-by-project basis, for both long- and short-term projects.

What types of HSEQ support does ECS offer? A sampling of the possibilities:

  • Before the project: Evaluation of the work environment and the safety regulations;

  • Throughout the project: Monitoring and supervision of the general safety and the adherence to the regulations;

  • For example, supervision of housekeeping, scaffolding, fire-risk activities, working at heights, entering confined spaces, temporary electrical installations, hoisting work, safety demarcations, zoning, high-risk work activities, etc.;

  • Proactive searches for safety solutions;

  • Appropriate intervention in incidents and the warning of bystanders and relief workers;

  • Assisting IDPBW (Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work) in project supervision (construction, plant stops, overhauls, demolition, etc.);

  • Helping companies to start-up their VCA/SCC* or VCA/SCC** certification;

  • Safety coordination on work sites, making inventories and evaluating risks, drafting company emergency plans and escape routes, and investigation of (near-) accidents;

  • Training, informing, and advising employees;

  • Drafting instructions for the correct use of work and protective equipment;

  • Elaboration of emergency and other procedures for serious accidents and calamities, and working methods;

  • SHE coordination;

  • etc.