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Is ionising radiation dangerous? Which safety regulations must you adhere to when near a source of radiation? What is a good training course for a radiation safety officer? Am I in compliance with Article 25 of the Belgian legislation concerning radiation protection? Should sources of radiation be encapsulated? Which preventive measures should I, as an employer, take for my employees who work near radiation sources? Which measuring equipment is suitable for measuring radiation, and how do I correctly use this equipment? What is ADR 7 transport?

Nuclear Safety Culture

In addition to our own training courses on nuclear safety, ECS is also the ENGIE Electrabel preferred partner for organising the required ‘Nuclear Safety Culture’ training courses for the Doel nuclear power plant.

All contractors working on the Doel site must have their employees follow this training course prior to being granted access to the site.

For further information, please visit the NVC-KCD website.