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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ECS has entrusted herself with the mission to increase the safety of everyone on the workfloor by putting her skills at service!

ECS    wants     to     be the   preferred safety   partner of Europe’s major industrial  players, within specific sectors, accompanying its customers in developing a total  safety  culture by offering  safety  consulting, safety services and best in class training solutions. 

Interim evaluation (wi​thin 5 year) - validity of the certificates

To fulfill the minimal requirements of the VCA (version 2008/5.1), it has to be guaranteed that the specific training and experience requirements are met.

​Question 3.4 of the VCA (version 2008/5.1) "Do all staff members have specific knowledge and skills related to the specific high-risk tasks that they have to carry out inside the company and works in a high-risk environment?" */**/petrochemistry.

Validity of the certficates
The validity of the certificates is determined for each task (see specifications of the register of high-risk tasks).

For some high-risk tasks, the validity is conditional, namely 10 years on condition that every 5 years, an evaluation (internal or external) takes place to verify if the staff members still meet the conditions.

Interim evaluation
This interim evaluation has to be carried out by a certified examination centre or by a competent person within the company within 5 years afther the date of delivery of the certficate. No certificate is delivered after the evaluation, but a 'positive/negative evaluation' is registered.

More information on this interim evaluation and the conditions applying to the competent person, can be found in the register of high-risk tasks on the website of BeSaCC:http://www.besacc-​


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